Zuccardi Finca Piedra Infinita Supercal 2016 Malbec VINTAGE

Zuccardi Finca Piedra Infinita Supercal 2016 Malbec VINTAGE

La Agricola
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When Sebastián Zuccardi refers to the origin of the Supercal and Gravascal wines, he says 'said place,' with a nod to the lieu-dit of Burgundy, those little units of land that yield very special wines. Zuccardi has 52 hectares of vineyards around the Piedra Infinita winery in Altamira, and they are the source of several wines, including the remarkable Concreto and Finca Piedra Infinita, that, to a certain degree, predate this Supercal, a wine from specific parcels or blocks, the smallest unit to date. The Supercal soil is sandy with a limestone base and consists of little more than a half hectare - a spot in the middle of the vineyard. And that spot gives a wine with an entirely seductive nose, with aromas of herbs and flowers, but most of all, fruit, of pure, sweet cherries. The palate has tannins that are firm but surrounded by so many flavors of fruit that they go unnoticed. It is a broad wine, but with hard bones. Cellar it for at least 5 years. Score - 99. (Patricio Tapia, guiadescorchados.cl, 2019)

Release Date:November 25, 2021

750 mL bottle


Made In:Mendoza, Argentina

By:La Agricola

Sweetness Descriptor:XD - Extra Dry