Can you have alcohol delivered in Toronto?

A common question we get is whether you can legally get alcohol delivered in Toronto. Speedy Booze is licensed by AGCO and have licensed SMART drivers to delivery our alcohol in 2-hours.

You can legally get any alcohol product delivered in Toronto but you need to follow the LCBO hours of operation. If a company sells your alcohol past the LCBO hours this is considered illegal.

To be safe, work with a company that is licensed by the AGCO (Alcohol & Gambling Commission of Ontario) so you know you can trust the companies products and service.

If you want to get alcohol delivered to your home, visit our products page and choose from over 8000+ alcoholic beverages.

We will deliver your product within 2-3 hours of your order request, and if you download own app you can track the delivery as well.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at:

  • Toll Free: +1 866 697 7300